The botulinum toxin (Botox, Vstabel etc …) injected directly into the small muscles responsible for the wrinkles causes their relaxation and thus the virtual disappearance of the average and light wrinkles. When wrinkles are very deep, it should be infiltrated with hyaluronic acid (Juvéderm®, Teosyal®, Rofilan®, Restylane®, etc.).

The result of the botulinum toxin appears after about 48 hours and lasts between 4 and 6 months. In case of combined injection with hyaluronic acid the result may last a little longer.

The injection is done using mini-needle or flexible cannulas with foam tip and is accompanied by iced application which avoids pains and blues.

Nothing prevents the patient from applying makeup and living her life the same day.


An injection of botulinum toxin in the affected area will relax the part of the orbicularis muscle of the eye cause of the crow’s feet. The rate of injections is the same as for the front. Here too when wrinkles are deeply marked it is recommended to associate an injection of hyaluronic acid with the botulinum toxin.

For me, the only real solution for under-eye circles that avoids surgery or eyelid peels (which are not without danger) as well as the use of expensive lasers and inconstant results is the injection of platelet extracts Autologous (PRP).

This technique that I have been practicing for several years consists in centrifuging a little blood taken from the patient to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the globular pellet. This plasma, rich in young cells and coagulation factors, is injected by means of micro-needle or micro-cannula into the hollow zone and wrinkles of the eyelid. The results are infinitely better than those obtained with hyaluronic acid and other methods. It is often unnecessary to repeat an injection before 18 months because the injected plasma contains stem cells capable of reconstructing the tissue.

This technique is derived directly from a reconstructive technique used in hospitals burned and known in the United States under the ridiculous name of Vampire Lift (Vampire Lifting).


All aesthetic disfigurements of the nose are not automatically justifiable for surgery (rhinoplasty). Of course, this intervention is useful when respiratory function and nasal permeability are diminished. In the contrary case, which is the most frequent in aesthetics, the problem can be regulated in a few minutes by an injection of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid (Voluma®, Teosyal® …). This correction has the advantage of being able to be done in several times if necessary, to be virtually painless thanks to the local anesthesia and not to require any social eviction. Moreover, the price of this treatment is infinitely lower than that of surgery.


I lost a lot and I still lose my hair. My forehead is bare and I have a tonsure.

The usual response to alopecia is “do you do a hair transplant”. It is a surgical procedure involving the removal of a band of scalp at the nape of the neck and “transplanting” hair by hair in the bare areas.

PRP is a non-surgical alternative that allows small and multiple plasma injections (see technique opposite in response for dark circles and hollows) to effectively stimulate natural hair regrowth.

How much does it cost ? About 800 euros the session. Allow 2-3 sessions at 6-month intervals.


For the upper lip, after having performed a local anesthetic as in dentist, I inject a special hyaluronic acid Juvéderm® ULTRA Smile or equivalent to the limit of the lip following the border line. You must remain measured so as not to make a mouth of grouper!

A month later I complete if necessary with a little botulinum toxin to relax the orbicularis muscle of the lips and thus prevent the reappearance of wrinkles.

The results are immediate and last 8 to 10 months.


My lips are too thin. What to do ?

After practicing local anesthesia as in the dentist, I inject hyaluronic acid into the lips and I inject the philtral crests (protrusions joining Cupid’s arch formed by the roundness of the lip at the foot of the septum). Cupid’s bow and ridges are marked, clearly visible during childhood and adolescence up to around 30 years. Then they diminish little by little. When necessary, I can inject hyaluronic acid directly into the red part of the lip. The same treatment may be applied for the lower lip.

A slight swelling can be observed for a few hours after the injection.

The result is immediate and lasts between 8 and 12 months following the people. I noticed that, after 3 or 4 injections, which were more and more spaced according to the needs, in long-term patients, the correction became either definitive or required only a maintenance interval of several years.


Question : I have a groove formed on both sides, from the wing of the nose to the commissure of the lips, this gives me a sad and tired look. This furrow is called the “bitterness”. What to do ?

Answer : This crease of bitterness is a wrinkle of deep expression which is observed very frequently in a slight form, but in some cases it is very important and permanently gives a sad aspect to the face.

It is often useful in treatment to act on three levels :

– giving volume and raising a little cheekbones by an injection of a special hyaluronic acid very volumizing (Voluma of Juvéderm® or Restylane Sub Q or Teosyal Ultimate) .My experience with other products like Sculptra and Radiesse® Was not very conclusive.

– by injecting deeply into the wrinkle itself a concentrated hyaluronic acid

By injecting if necessary superficially a hyaluronic acid moderately concentrated so as to erase the skin mark of the wrinkle.


Dark circles and hollows and the valley of tears particularly marked. What to do ?

I have already said (dark circles and hollows around the eyes) that I think that the best technique is the PRP (Plasma-rich Plasma Injection) which allows in a natural and truly “curative” way to fill this A valley of tears which forms a triangle from the internal angle of the eye to the commissure of the mouth, and then ascends to the pupil. The goal of this treatment is to give volume naturally to the cheekbones.

In some cases if the modeling to be done is very important one can before the PRP inject very deeply to the contact with the bone by means of a long foam cannula a special hyaluronic acid very volumizing (Voluma of Juvéderm®, Teosyal Ultimate etc …). My experience with other products like Sculptra and Radiesse® has not been conclusive.

This care is not painful, does not have an inconvenient suite but requires a great experience.

If the whole of the face seems to be pulled down, the volume of the cheekbones seems to have slipped into the jowls, the wrinkles are hollowed out vertically, the threaded tensors or Russian threads are the economic and not very traumatic answer to this question. It is an alternative to surgical facelift which is not without danger or inconvenience because here there is no pain, no hematoma, no social eviction. This technique has proven itself and I practice it for many years.

Very fine, resorbable threads are used, presenting on their periphery innumerable small teeth that cling to the greasy tissue under the skin, thus allowing its displacement. This treatment is performed in the practice with local anesthesia and its result is seen immediately and lasts several years. It is a simple and sure way of treating all that accompanies the loosening of the superficial muscles of the face and neck.


The combination of the botulinum toxin injected into the muscle of the neck that pulls the oval face downward with a month later an injection of volumizing hyaluronic acid (Voluma®, Teosyal® etc …) in front of the jowls

For double chin, jowls, flaccid neck, solution, if you want to avoid surgery with general anesthesia etc …, this is laser lipolysis. I practice this technique for several years with a Fox device that emits a laser beam transmitted by an optical fiber to the fatty tissue destroyed by thermal effect. This technique is perfectly adapted to reduce the small greasy volumes of the face, it is practiced in my office with a simple local anesthesia.

This treatment lasts about 1 hour 30 and does not cause any unpleasant consequences as the patient can resume his usual activities very quickly. We can see the result from the first month but it is after 2 or 3 months that we can appreciate the final result.


Many techniques have been proposed to improve, revive, and firm up the appearance of facial skin. For me, the main thing is to maintain the hydration and the “breathing” of this skin. To do this, you have to put on makeup, make-up every night, make a regular scrub, smoke, drink alcohol and avoid prolonged exposures to the sun.

I recommend multiple micro-injections, using a very fine needle, a moisturizing and “restructuring” mixture of uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes (NCTF 135®, 135 HA®, Cytocare® 502, 516, 535 …). These injections are practically painless and generally do not require the placement of a local anesthetic cream.

Usually 3 sessions spaced 10 to 15 days are enough to give back to the skin of the face radiance and freshness.

When these products are used in their version richest in hyaluronic acid, the small superficial wrinkles and the wrinkled appearance of the skin are treated at the same time.


How is it possible on young skin to standardize the complexion and accelerate the renewal of its cells ?

The soft peeling with glycolic acid in 3 or 4 sessions spaced a fortnight is a good answer to standardize the complexion and refresh the skin.

After a careful preparation of the skin, I apply a glycolic acid solution of increasing concentration (30%, 50%, 70%) to the brush as the sessions proceed. After a few minutes when it starts to tingle, I remove the product by washing the skin and applying a neutralizer.

This treatment has the advantage of causing only a slight redness which disappears after a few hours and the skin does not peel.

I advise to do this care in autumn or winter because it is necessary to avoid the exposure of the “new skin” to a bright sun.


Trichloroacetic acid peel (TCA) is surely a good solution for a skin damaged by excessive sunlight or stained or wilted or with acne scars.

After conditioning the skin for one month with a daily application of a masterful preparation based on acidic vitamin A, peeling can be carried out.

After preparing the skin, I spread on the face with a cotton pad or a brush a solution of trichloroacetic acid whose concentration I chose to suit the need. In a few tens of seconds the skin takes on a slightly whitish appearance, like frosted. I then wash abundantly and apply a neutralizing cream. This is accompanied by a cooking sensation like after a big sunburn but a fan and a bomb of very fresh water help to support!

During the first 2 or 3 days the skin is pink and shiny and then it peels in shreds. From the second week, the skin appears to be renovated as a “baby skin”. The average peel regenerates the skin by toning the dermis (middle layer of the skin where are the stem cells) which restores its velvety. It reduces and even removes stains, small wrinkles and imperfections. We must plan a good week of social eviction. This treatment can be renewed 2 or 3 times spaced by 3 weeks as needed.


Liposuccion ou pas ?

La lipolyse laser est certainement aujourd’hui une réponse de choix à cette question. Pour ma part, j’utilise avec satisfaction depuis plusieurs années l’appareil Fox. Voici les questions les plus fréquentes et leurs réponses à propos de cette technique.

Qui peut bénéficier de ce traitement ?

Les personnes qui souhaitent éliminer des volumes de graisse modérés sur des zones telles que les hanches, le cou, les cuisses, les bras, la partie supérieure de l’abdomen, les genoux… Le traitement de lipolyse laser avec le FOX ne remplace pas les régimes ni les méthodes chirurgicales qui éliminent de grands volumes de graisse.

Combien de temps dure un traitement de Lipolyse laser avec le FOX ?

La durée de l’acte dépendra de l’étendue de la zone à traiter en une séance, mais la moyenne est généralement d’une heure.

Le traitement est-il douloureux ?

Non. Votre médecin a recours a une anesthésie locale ce qui rend le traitement indolore, confortable et permet une récupération rapide.

Combien de séances faut-il prévoir pour traiter une zone ?

Le protocole est établi pour une seule séance. Cependant c’est au médecin de juger s’il est nécessaire de répéter le traitement.

Les résultats sont-ils permanents ?

Oui. Néanmoins si le patient prend du poids après le traitement, une nouvelle augmentation de volume peut apparaître sur la zone traitée.

A quel moment peut-on apprécier le résultat final ?

Au bout de 3 à 4 mois mais dès le 1er mois pour l’effet tenseur

Comment la peau apparaît-elle en perdant du volume?

La peau de la zone traitée est douce, lisse, apparaît plus jeune.

La technologie laser employée génère un double effet : elle élimine la graisse d’une part et lutte contre la flaccidité d’autre part. Elle provoque un effet tenseur lié à l’apport de chaleur sur les tissus superficiels.

Quelle différence existe-t-il entre une liposuccion traditionnelle et le traitement de lipolyse laser avec le FOX ?Quelles recommandations doit-on suivre après le traitement ?

Les activités sportives intensives doivent être évitées, de même que les chocs, les séances de sauna et les massages profonds, ceci pendant 4 à 5 semaines. Cependant, il est possible de pratiquer une activité physique modérée. Dans tous les cas, votre médecin vous donnera les recommandations adaptées à votre cas.


Often, as the skin of the hands grows older, the skin of the hands becomes stained, refines, dries, weakens and at the same time the hands are hollowed out as if there was a loss of substances especially on the back of the hand.

Classically, this situation can be improved by removing belly fat which is injected into the hands after centrifugation. For my part, I get very good results by injecting in the hands of the plasma rich platelets (PRP) which has the advantage to come from the patient himself. I have already explained this technique in the section “the eyes”.