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Pot de 60 gélules dosées
à 360 mg.

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This product joins together 3 plants traditionally used in the event of ponderal overload.

– Gymnema Sylvestris /tropical creeping and woody plant rich in active : the gymnemic acid whose extract, the GS4, has been scientifically studied .Used for ages by the traditional medecine in India in the treatment of diabetes, this product is proving really and scientifically efficient in the treatment of diabetes of type 2. It reduces appetite and draw glycemia down.

– Garcinia Gambogia : peel of a fruit from an asiatic tree whose traditional action is a reduction of appetite with an enzymatic blocking-up in the stocking of the body fat . Recent scientific studies.

Have shown a real loss of weight due to the use of garcinia.

– Chromium yeast ( yeast grown in a component rich in chromium ): chromium is an insulin cofactor and its lack causes a reduction of the tolerance to glucose, a putting on of weight and a risk of diabetes (according to OMS)

container of 60 capsules dosed 360mg.

2 capsules every morning at breakfast as long as necessary.

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