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A bottle of 20 ml (400 drops)

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D3 vitamin supply
The vitamin that likes the sun !

The D vitamin is a fat soluble vitamin synthesized in the human organism from a derived of cholesterol under the action of the UVB light radiations, it exists under two forms : D2 (ergocalciferol) or D3 (cholecalciferol).

Then this source is very variable according to the exposure to the sun (seasons, fogs, areas, clothing), the thickness and pigmentation of the ski.
The D vitamin intervenes in the absorption of calcium and phosphor in the organism and recent studies show that a great part of the population has not got the minimum D vitamin blood level specially with a black or dark skin. The level currently recommanded is at least 75 nmol/l.

A sufficient quantity of D vitamin is necessary during the early childhood so as to avoid rickets because the mother’s milk in generally rather low in it.

The D2 vitamin or ergocalciferol is from vegetal origin, when the D3 vitamin or cholecalciferol is from animal origin, concentrated in fish liver oils and to a lesser extent, in fish, milk, butter, cheese.

The deficiency in D vitamin is defined by a blood level under 25 nmol/l (10 ng/ml) and the failure is defined by a D vitamin blood level under 75 nmol/l (30 ng/ml). With this limit, the carence concerns more than half of the postmenopausal women.

The principal risk groups are:
– old and very old people in general
– overweight people (the D vitamin is in storage in fats) that could need twice to three times more D vitamin than the others
– people with dark or black skin
– the breast-fed children if the mother does not take a suitable supplement
– people not much exposed to sun
– everybody during Autumn and Winter

The RDA in 2001 for the French adult population are 5 micrograms (200 UI).
For the people with a black skin it is advised to double the recommanded dose

Food content in µg for 100g
Halibut oil – 50 000
Carp oil – 25 000
Tuna oil – 5 000
Mackerel liver oil – 5 000
Salmon liver oil – 1 000
Cod liver oil – 200
Salmon, herring, anchovy – 12-20
Sardine, mackerel – 8-12
Margarine – 8-12
Tuna – 3 – 8
Chicken liver – 2
Mushrooms – 0,6-1,5
Butter – 0,6-1,5
Egg – 0,6-1,5

Presentation :
A bottle of 20 ml (400 drops)

Directions for use :
2 drops a day at breakfast in a several months treatment

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