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a jar of 60 capsules dosed 395 mg

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Natural C vitamin – Acerola

Malpighia (acerola) is the fruit of a small tree growing in Amazonia. It is exceptionally rich in C vitamin, between 1 and 2g of pure C vitamin for 100 g of fruit (20 to 30 times more than the orange). The qualities of the C vitamin are well known.

– preventive and curative anti-infective
– antioxidant and anti-age
– restructuring of the bony, cartilaginous collagen wickerwork, and of the skin
– strong physical and psychological tonic
– anti-stress and anti-depressant
– remineralizing
– necessary in case of anti-tobacco course of treatment

Presentation :
a jar of 60 capsules dosed 395 mg

Directions for use :
2 capsules at breakfast

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