A bottle of 250 ml

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Urinary draining

A mixture of plants chosen for their action on urinary draining and their contributing factor to water circulation and retention.

Prunus Cerasus (cherry stalk) traditionally used in infusions as depurative and diuretic. It contains flavonoïds and potassium salts that improve the renal elimination of water, waste, and toxins. Its efficiency is recognized in water retention treatment, oedemas and urinary inflammations.

Hieracium Pilosella (mouse ear) the whole plant is used crushed. The orthodihydroxycinnamic derivatives it contains have a very efficient diuretic action. Traditionally used with success in water retention, leg swellings and slimming diets.

Taraxacum Officinale (dandelion) the “lion tooth” has been known since Antiquity for its depurative and preventive action on the kidney stones. The fructosanes contained in its root have a strong action as a detoxicant not only for the kidneys but also for the liver and the gall bladder.

Bringing together cherry stalk (40%) mouse ear (30%) and dandelion (30%) realizes the best and safest natural synergy possible to help urinary elimination. With its cherry flavour URODRAINE is pleasant to drink and can be used as long as necessary at the dose of 2 to 3 mesures diluted in 1,5 l water to drink in the day.

Presentation :
A bottle of 250 ml

Directions for use :
Dilute 15 to 30 ml of product in 1,5L water

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