A jar of 60 capsules dosed 367mg

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Commiphora Mukul (guggul) : a shrub in the bushes of the north east of India and Pakistan .By superficial incision of the trunk and big branches bark it gives a flow like pine tar which is dried for therapeutic use : it is the guggul.

The extract of guggul contains E and Z guggulsterones, the traditional activity of which is to lessen the bad cholesterol (LDL) as well as the triglycerides .This action consists in stimulating the thyroid function which improves the production of triiodothyronine (T3) which itself acts on the blood fat metabolism .

Fucus Vesiculosus (fucus) : traditionally advised to stimulate the thyroid gland thanks to the presence of iodine in its composition

Selenium yeast : selenium is a trace-element with a strong anti-oxidant power. It is absorbed by theSaccharomyces cerevisiae yeast if grown when selenium is around.

Taken daily in small quantities, its anti-cancer action is probable but still under consideration .But its anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals action is certain .
The selenium takes action on the thyroid via a selenoprotein that intervene in the transformation of the T4 hormone into T3 much more active.
The L-tyrosine : it is one of the 20 amino-acids contributing to the proteins syntheses. It operates in the syntheses of thyroid hormones as the formation of a thyroid hormone molecule requires the coupling of the two tyrosine molecules.

THYROSUN can be used as long as necessary to stimulate the thyroid gland the ”lazyness of which”can turn into fatigue, sudden mood swings, excess weight, hair loss etc…

Not suitable to nursing mothers.

This is not a medicine, see a specialist in case of thyroid troubles.

Presentation :
A jar of 60 capsules dosed 367mg

Directions for use :
2 capsules at breakfast

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