Spiruline Earthrise 200


Container of 200 capsules measured at 500 mg

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Nutritional supplement

Spirulina Platensis :
Microscopic algae (cyanobacteria) blue-green color that multiplies in the waters of salt lakes of some hot climates. Our spirulina comes from the culture of Earthrise farm in California. It is collected on the surface of ponds, dried (preferably in the sun) and packaged in special packaging before being exported. Tradionnellemment, it was used as an additional input and sometimes exclusive protein in the absence of meat and fish.
Spirulina is extremely rich in protein containing all the amino acids, B vitamins, minerals, trace elements, iron, beta-carotene (antioxidant) and phycocyanin (stimulating immune defenses).
Earthrise Spirulina Sunrex can be consumed by anyone, at any age, as long as desired.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has approved these claims.

Can be used for all including adults and children.

Amino acid supplements Increases satiety
Helps control weight Reduction of hunger
Improves tone and vitality Regulates blood sugar

Container of 200 capsules measured at 500 mg

Suggested use:
6 to 10 capsules a day during meals

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