Spirulina Earthrise 1000 (+ Brown glass bottle)


Container of 1000 capsules measured at 500 mg

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Nutritional supplement
Spirulina Platensis

It is a blue or rainbow-coloured tiny algae growing in the hot waters of Africa, Asia and Oceania. The Earthrise spirulina contains more than 50% of proteins. In Africa, it is usually used as a nutritional supplement and sometimes it is the only source of proteins when meat or fish are lacking. Spirulina is exceedingly high in amino acids, in B group vitamins, in mineral salts, in trace elements, in essential fatty acids, in iron, in beta-carotene.

Its high proteins content allows to avoid feeling hungry and brings the system the extra energy required for the convalescents, tired people or sportsmen. Its vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids protect from possible deficiencies and bring vitality and energy in the course of slimming diets.

Container of 1000 capsules measured at 500 mg

Suggested use:
6 to 10 capsules a day during meals

Can be used as long as necessary