A jar of 60 capsules dosed 326 mg

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Sleeping troubles

Crataegus Oxyacantha (hawthorn) its flowers work wonder in the treatment of insomnias and also in the neurotic cardiac troubles (palpitations, HBP…)

Escholtzia californica (escholtzia) originated from California. It contains alkaloïds, californidine in particular, in all the plant. Its antispasmodic, antipains and hypnotic properties make of it a natural anxiolytic that helps to eliminate the falling asleep problems and allows to find again a calm and restorative sleep.

Hop it is a sedative traditionally used in case of people sleeping problems. It considerably improves anxiety disorders and regulates also the mood of people in mental depression.

Origanum Majorama (marjoram) its flowers contain tannins, bitter saps and carotene. They also contain an essential oil which is antispasmodic for the stomach and the colon, contributing to a peaceful sleep.

Melissa Officinale (melissa) is a digestive and sedative anti-spasmodic for the fears with the nervous people (which did the reputation of the well-known Eau de Melisse des Carmes).

Melatonin: N-acetyl-5 methoxytryptamin or sleeping hormone. It is a neurhormone synthesized by the organism in the brain at night from the serotonin which is itself derived from tryptophan. It regulates the sleep cycle in particular in case of jetlag, it takes also a part in the regulation of sugar level in blood, of appetite, of the immune system and it is a good antioxidant; Some publications give it a favorable role in the treatment of Alzheimer disease and the seasonal depression. Taken at the fixed dose the melatonine has not got any unwanted effect And unlike the Benzodiazepines the melatonine does not lead to dependence and the result of its action does not depend on the absorbed quantity.

Good waking up, no addiction

Presentation :
A jar of 60 capsules dosed 326 mg

Directions for use :
2 capsules a day, 1/2 h before bedtime

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