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(Authorized by the European health authorities allegation)

The SLIMEVER composition is the result of the long experience of the SUNREX laboratories in the slimming field, it combines the extracts of 4 well-known fruit to chromium picolinate, the whole naturally sweetened with Stevia powder (a plant originated from South America).

The raspberry ketone: it is a new fat-burning substance composed with several raspberry ketones, strongly antioxidant, responsible of the attractive raspberry aroma. Very encouraging scientific studies in laboratory have shown for several years an action of raspberry ketones on fats and fatty tissue.

The guarana (Paullinia cupana Kunth): a plant originated from Amazonia, invigorating and stimulating,(our extract contains 20% caffeine). It works as an appetite suppressant that reduces appetite and is a fat burner. Moreover, the European Health Authorities have permitted the following allegation for that plant:

“The guarana facilitates the fat combustion and eliminates the feeling of hunger”

The mango: the different sorts of mango trees are tropical trees with fruit rich in beta-carotene, fibers, and in A and C vitamins which make of them excellent defenders against free radicals action.

The açaï (eutorpe oleracea): this palm tree isoriginated from South America. It gives purple-red berries very rich inantioxidants, calcium, iron and C vitamin. They are also very rich in anticholesterol vegetable fat. Its chocolate taste is an extra asset for this fruit.

The chromium: it is an essential trace element which works about the regulation of blood sugar because it is a cofactor of insulin. Some studies show also that chromium lessens total cholesterol and favours the good one, which is a good thing in the fight against atherosclerosis. And above all, it has been scientifically proved, by a study on 15 000 persons for 10 years, that alimentary complements containing chromium had proved to be more efficient that those which did not contain any, and this for men as well as for women.

Posology :
1 bag by day diluate in water, soda light or 0% fat yoghurt

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