A jar of 60 capsules dosed 325 mg

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General and immune system tonic

Two japanese mushrooms to help with AIDS and anticancer treatments:

-Lentinus Edodes(shiitaké) traditionally used in Japan and China for its immunostimulant properties probably due to the presence of lentinane. That product is traditionally used in the Far East to prevent and fight cancer. That traditional use is not marginal as the Shiitaké is the most eaten mushroom in the world after the Paris mushroom. Scientific studies do not prove neatly the anticancer effect but they clearly prove the anti-LDL cholesterol effect.

-Grifola Frondosa (maïtaké) it is a well-known adaptogene and in addition to that, it is immunostimulant. It is specially used in case of AIDS and to go with anticancer therapies.

-Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi) ganodermatacea, it fights against fatigue and invigorates all the organism in general; it stimules the immune system and helps preventing asthma and respiratory tract troubles. So, it seems to have a preventive action against cancer and hepatic problems.

SHIITAMAÏ is an accompanying product that can be used as long as necessary.

Presentation :
A jar of 60 capsules dosed 325 mg

Directions for use :
2 capsules a day

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