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2 Flasks of 100ml

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1st impression: Spices

2nd impression: Santal and Rose

Body of perfume: Cashmere wood, Vanilla and Amber

From India, China, Bengal, and Malabar, Morocco or from the Mediterranean coast, our selection of spices, both pungent and saffroned with delicate aromas of cinnamon, clove and coriander produces the oriental “note de tête” of Sunrex n°8.

The “note de coeur” both from wood and flowers, is provided by the santal wood, a spiritual fragrance in the highest sense of the word, and by the rose with its well-known scent bringing the best of the floral smelling possible.

Casmere wood, vanilla and amber make up the “note decorps” of Sunrex n°8. Aromatic and generous, the cashmere wood produces a sweetand sensual touch. The vanilla strengthens that aromatic fragrance and adds a touch of spiced sweetness. The amber crowns the “note de corps” of n°8 because it forms the genuine heart of the perfume in which vanilla, rose and spices open out.

Flask of 100ml



1st impression: Agrumes and Jasmine

2nd impression: Lemon and Bergamot

Body of perfume: White Jasmine

The Garden of the Hesperides was scented with the perfume of the flowers and fruit from shrubs of the Citrus, Fortunella, Microcitrus, Eremocitrus and Poncirus families.

It is an extract from the mixture of those different agrumes oils that is used for Sunrex n° 6 which gives it that refreshing and effulgent Hesperides fragrance. To that is associated the jasmine. With the rose, they are the two queen-flowers at the source of the most famous perfumes in perfumery. For the “note de tête” we used an oriental mixture of grandiflorum, officinal and ordoratissimum jasmines that give N°6 a Cypriantouch.

The refreshing and invigorating scent of the lemon, both simple and exotic, comes in the “note de coeur” to reinforce the effect ofthe agrumes in the “note de tête”. It is strenghtened by the presence of the bergamot, a cross between the bitter orange and the sweet and pungent green lemon.

The perfume of white jasmine has always been associated to Love, and, like love, it is clinging and obsessing. It takes a great part in the Cyprian “note de corps” of Sunrex N°6.

Flask of 100ml