Container of 90 capsules measured at 400 mg

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Nutritional supplement

Serenoa Repens Fruits (l00mg)
Epilobium Parvillorum Herba (100mg)
Pigeum Africanum Cortex (l00mg)
Cucurbita Pepo Seeds (l00mg)

Serenoa Repens (Sabal Serrulata) Active ingredient : Lipidosterols. The Florida palm tree gives a fruit containing lipidosterols that act favorably on benign hypertrophy of the prostate (numerous worldwide publications).

Epilobium (Epilobe with small flowers). Active ingredient : Phytosterols. Traditionally epilobe sooths a number of prostate troubles by encouraging miction.

Pygeum Africanum (Prunus africana) Active principles : Phytosterols and Alcanol. The plum tree of Africa is a very tall tree whose bark contains active principles. Numerous studies have shown an anti-oedema action, stimulation of prostate secretion and an increase in the elasticity of the bladder.

Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Active principle : Cucurbitacins® (tetracyclic triterpenes). The seeds of the gourd are known for their worm properties, but the oil of the gourd seed is renowned for its action against prostatic adenoma. Numerous worldwide publications attest to this.

PROSPI® contains 4 traditional plants, the most effective for regulating prostate function. It is also used, traditionally, in cases of temporary sexual impotence.

Container of 90 capsules measured at 400 mg

Suggested use:
1 capsule with the three meals while eating

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