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A jar of 90 capsules of 405 mg

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Regulator of acidity in the body

The pH or hydrogen potential is a unit of measurement of acidity which is established on a scale from 0 to 14.
The acid zone is situated between 0 (maximum acidity) and 7 (neutral), the alkalin or basic zone is between 7(neutral) and 14 (maximum alkalinity).
Blood and the various fluids in the body have different acidity degrees according to their functions. So blood and lymph pH is 7,4 (+-0,5) often in Western countries the diet is not well- balanced, too rich in meats, which causes a break in the acido-basic balance towards acidity.
This can bring a persistent acidosis that can lead to a state of permanent stress and weaken the general reactional potential. It is possible to control the course of the blood pH by the one in urine which must be over 6,5 except in case of acidity excess in blood.
There is a risk of the bones and teeth demineralization as well as high blood pressure and muscle wasting if a mainly alkalin diet (65%) is not enough to maintain a urinary pH at 6,5.

PH-SUN brings calcium, magnesium, linden sapwood, and mastic gum from the pistachio-tree that will help keeping your bones and teeth in good condition by regulating the blood acidity with the buffering of the acid ions.

Presentation :
A jar of 90 capsules of 405 mg

Directions for use :
3 to 6 capsules a day during a treatment of several months