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A jar of 30 capsules dosed 375 mg

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Since 2001, the WHO characterized the probiotics as ”living micro organisms that, taken in sufficient quantity, have positive effects on the health beyond the traditional nutritional effects”.

P.B.SUN probiotics are useful micro organisms that colonize the intestinal flora, those bacterias, or yeasts, help the fibers digestion, stimulate the immune system, take part in the synthesis of a lot of substances ( vitamins…) and above all in the regulation of the intestinal function.

The probiotic blend chosen to elaborate the P.B.SUN formula contains 13 billionsCFU/g

In a healthy organism, the digestive tract is colonized by about 100 000 billions bacterias that constitue the microbial flora divided in 3 groups:
– the dominant flora composed with bifidobacterias
– the sub-dominant flora composed with lactobacillus in particular
– the contaminating flora, potentially pathogenic but in theory absent

An infection,a disease or an immune system deficiency can throw off balance that stable ecosystem essential to maintain a good health but it is probably the taking of antibiotics which is the most frequent destructive agression against the intestinal flora
For the probiotics to have a beneficial effect on the health, several conditions must be combined:
– they must be living ( or freeze-dried)
– the good strains must be selected for the wanted effect because every strain has an activity and effects differents on the organism
– the strains must have shown their resistance to gastric acidity and to digestive enzymes
the treatments must be at least of 10 to 20 days a month

The probiotics contained in P.B.SUN meet all those conditions and their resistance is reinforced by the use of vegetal capsules containing hypromellose that operates like a control agent to delay the liberation of the product until its arrival in the small intestine. They take part in the inhibition of unwanted or pathogenic bacterias in several ways:
they lower the pH, slowing down the development of some pathogenic bacterias by producing antimicrobial substances.
The P.B.SUN probiotics could intervene in the neutralization of toxic products absorbed or made in the intestines.

The P.B.SUN probiotics improve the digestibility of a lot of nutriments and could reduce food intolerances like the one to lactose, increase the bioavailability of some minerals, and improve the digestion by acting on constipation and diarrhea.

The P.B.SUN could also improve the natural defenses of the organism and modulate the activity of the intestinal immune system when it gets weak (children, convalescents,old people ) or is carried away like in allergies.

The brewer’s yeast contained in P.B.SUN is activated in the digestive tract where it releases its vitamins(B1,B5,B6, B8 and B9), its proteins and its polysaccharides, which facilitates the action of the probiotic bacterias that go with.

Presentation :
A jar of 30 capsules dosed 375 mg

Directions for use :
2 capsules at breakfast in a long treatment
do not hesitate to take up to 8 capsules a day if necessary

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