A jar of 90 capsules of 325 mg

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Glycemia regulator with plants, chromium and Faseus

Phaseolus Vulgaris Faseus: natural extract of the haricot bean that slows in the organism the assimilation of the slow-burning sugars brought by bread, flour and all the starchy food in general. This capacité is scientifically known to such an extent that the presence of Faseus with starchy food can be eligible in some diabetics diet.

Chromium Gluconate: chromium is a co-factor of insulin and its deficiency is a cause of decrease in glucose tolerance, of weight gain and diabetes risk (according to W.H.O.).

Gymnema Sylvestris (Gymnema): tropical plant traditionally used all over the world to lower the rate of sugar in the diabetics blood and reduce appetite.

Lagerstroemia Speciosa L (Banaba): traditionally used in Asia against diabetes and excessive appetite. Its action of carrying sugar to the cells plays a part in the regulation of the sugar in blood (insuline-like effect).

Presentation :
A jar of 90 capsules of 325 mg

Directions for use :
1 or 2 capsules at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as long as necessary

warning : this product can concern only the suspected diabetes and lipoplethoric acid diabetes type 2 with a diet. The self medication of diabetes can bring about serious problems. A treatment with the effect of modifying the blood sugar rate implies to watch over glycemia. It is also necessary to tell the doctor so that he could, if necessary, revise the posology of the classical hypoglycemic drugs.

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