A jar of 120 capsules dosed 300 mg

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Vegetal psychotonic – Antispasmodic

Tanacetum parthenium (big camomile): asteracea, the leaves of which are used to prevent and stop the migrainous attacks. That action is scientifically proved (WHO) but has been known only for about 100 years.

Matricaria recutita (german camomile): contains lactones, phenols, flavonoids Coumarins and an essential oil. It has a psychotoning action and is traditionally used to treat aerophagy and the slow digestions.

Tilia sylvestris (linden tree): of the tiliacea family. The use of linden leaves as a sedative is ancestral. The wild linden has been largely exploited in some areas like Roussillon for its deep bark and its wood. The active ingredients contained in the bark are antispasmodic, choleretic and diuretic.

Verbena officinalis (verbena) comes from Veneris herba (Venus herb) appetizer and stomachic that plant is traditionally known to soothe nervosity by inducing a certain psychical dynamism particularly towards love feelings.

Melissa officinalis (melissa) a digestive antispasmodic and a sedative for anxieties with the nervous people (the Carmes melissa water is well known).

Presentation :
A jar of 120 capsules dosed 300 mg

Directions for use :
2 to 4 capsules a day, as long as necessary

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