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Flask of 120 capsules containing 400 mg.

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Nutritional supplement

MACALMA® is a product resulting from sea biological research. It is a dry extract of seawater and fish containing the 92 simple substances and all the trace elements. Seawater is isotonic to blood plasma and its mineral salts are directly and biologically easily assimilated by the body. Subcutaneous injections of sterile seewater are traditionally used to restore and to rehydrate the organism.

MACALMA® contains, in the form of mineral salts, a very high percentage of natural marine biological magnesium (around 50%) directly assimilated, and, too, in large amounts, calcium and phosphorus mineral salts. It is traditionally used in the following cases :- spasmophilia,- tiredness, convalescence,- anxious and depressive states, and, usually, in all the states needing a bio-revitalization and a recharging in trace elements.

Ingredients: Seewater, scales, fishbones

Presentation: Flask of 120 capsules containing 400 mg.

Suggested use: 4 to 6 capsules each day during meals.

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