Container of 45 capsules measured at 375 mg

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Female vegetable libido-Stimulant

Nutritional supplement

Mix of dry extracts of Tribulus terrestis (100 mg) and Yam (200 mg).

Tribulus Terrestris (Cross of Malta) It is a plant of the zygophyllaceous family, common in all the Mediterranean region. Traditionally used as a “tonic”, the plant turns out to be stimulant and encourages both male and female sexual activity. The action is due to the presence of natural vegetable hormones that excite sexual functions and activity. Publications have shown that the plant acted for women as a stimulus of ovulation and libido.

Yam (Wild Yam- Dioscorea Villosa) The South American plant that contains female sexual phytohormones of the progesterone type and a natural precursor of DHEA (the “youth” hormone).

Container of 45 capsules measured at 375 mg

Suggested use:
1 capsule morning, noon and evening for a course of treatment of at least 15 days.

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