Levure Rouge de Riz


A box of 120 capsules of 375 mg

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Hypocholesterolemiant – Natural Statine

Monascus Purpureus (rice red yeast): this food is well-known in Asia. It is the product of a microscopical mushroom growing on rice. This micro-organism produces a caracteristic red pigment that has given its name to the yeast. Then, the yeastis red, not the rice. The red yeast contains phytostenols, isoflavones, mono-insatured fatty acids and particularly 9 varieties of monacolines that are statines. The main monacoline in the red yeast is the lovastatine (monacoline K). That class of medecines is well-known to slow the process of cholesterol LDL synthesis.
In China, researches on more than 500 people, against placebo, show that a normalized extract of rice red yeast can lower clearly the rate of cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides in blood. In addition to that, still in China, during a try on 108 hyperlipidemic patients, the product proved to be as efficient as synthetic statine to lowerthe rate of lipids in blood. The normalized extracts of rice red yeast can lower the rate of total cholesterol until 31%, of LDL until 33% and of triglycerides until 24%. It also seems that the rice red yeast shows positive effects on other factors of cardiovascular disease like the rate of C-reactive protein in blood.

The counter indications for rice red yeast are the same as for lovastatine:

– pregnant or nursing a child women
– youngpeople under 18
– hepatic or renal disease
– hypersensibility to lovastatine
– very abnormal rate of transaminases
– problems with blood coagulation

Our rice red yeast contains 2% of monacoline K

Presentation :
A box of 120 capsules of 375 mg

Posology :
1 or 2 capsules every morning at breakfast as long as necessary

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