A jar of 120 capsules dosed 325 mg


Alcohol, drug-addiction and smoking withdrawals – stress resistance

Pueraria Lobata (kudzu): fabacee originated from the Far East, it is a plant rich in isoflavones, diadzein, diadzin, genistein and puerarin (found only in kudzu).

The Chinese traditional medicine has been using that plant for ages for its soothing and balancing action on the nervous system.

In the Western world, it is specially used for its extraordinary ability in lessening the withdrawal symptoms of the drug- addicts or alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs addicts. Numerous studies obviously show that a regular use of Kudzu comes along with a significant drop in the consumption of the toxic products usually taken by the person.

In addition to that, the Kudzu has hepato protective activities, immunostimulant and activating of the immune system, which is not uninteresting for the drug addict people.

Presentation :
A jar of 120 capsules dosed 325 mg

Directions for use :
2 to 4 capsules a day as long as necessary

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