120 capsules dosed 325 mg

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Hepathic stimulant – Vesicular draining

This product is composed of the great classics of the liver and gall-bladder phytotherapy.

Cynara Scolimus (artichoke): rich in cynarin whose beneficial action on the liver, the gall-bladder and the hypercholesterolemia has been known for long.

Agrimonia Eupatoria (agrimony):astringent plant rich in siliic acid and tannins

Pneumus Boldus (boldo) :contains flavonoïds, an essential oil and alcaloids, the principal being the boldine. That plant is advised in the treatment of dyspeptic troubles, flatulences, belchings, indigestions, as well as to facilitate the functions of renal and digestive elimination.

It is as well a stimulant in the making of the bile (cholagogue) and its elimination (choleretic)

Centaurea (centaury) : traditionally used against the “digestive lazyness” and flatulences

Chelidonium Majus (celandine): contains chelidonine, an alcaloid stimulating the hepatic, chloretic and cholagogue functions

Achillea Millefolium (yarrow): traditionally used as antispasmodic, tonic, anti allergic and anti-inflammatory

Olea europea (olive tree): It can be found mainly in the mediterranean area. The fruit are pressed to extract vegetable oil from them and the leavesare used for their great content in active ingredients. The presence of oleuropeoside gives the olive tree leaves an hypotensive quality. The presence of flavonoïds, triterpenes and glycosides makes of the olive tree a natural anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic of the best quality.

The olive tree is also known as being able to lower the bad cholesterol (LDC) and increasethe good one (HDL).

Presentation :
120 capsules dosed 325 mg

Directions for use :
2 to 4 capsules a day

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