Container of 120 capsules

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Mix of Grapple Plant (200 mg) and Meadow Sweet (100 mg) chosen to obtain maximum effectiveness of the anti-oestoarthritic actions of each of its elements.

Grapple Plant (Harpagophytum Procumbens or Devil’s Claw) herbaceous plant of the deserts of Namibia.
Its essential properties are anti-inflammatory and pain relieving.

It acts especially in osteoarthritis for functional problems, pain, and to “loosen up”.

It also has a beneficial action for all types of rheumatism.

Its anti-inflammatory effect extends to the venous system (hemorrhoids, varicose veins) and also it has hepatic protecting action.

Meadow sweet (Spiroa UImaria) Rosaceous European plant containing salicylic acid.

Its anti-inflammatory action is similar to that of aspirin.

Moreover, it is a diuretic and a vasodilator.

Container of 120 capsules

use 2 capsules morning and evening with meals

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