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a jar of 120 capsules dosed 375 mg

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Arthrosis – all painful rheumatisms

harpagophytum procumbens :originated from Central and South Africa. The active substances of the plant are mainly in the root system and are divided into 5 groups: iridoid glucosides (harpagosides), the sugars (stachyoses), the phytosterols, the flavonoïds and the harpagoquinone.
The anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties of the plant would be due to the combined action of its components on the prostaglandin synthetase, an enzyme that takes part in the inflammatory process.

The bitterness of Harpagophytum stimulates and tones up the digestive system. A lot of arthritic problems are associated to a bad digestion and a bad assimilation.

The Harpagophytum can be used at a heavy dose and as long as necessary.

a jar of 120 capsules dosed 375 mg

2 to 4 capsules a day during the meals

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