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Pot of 6 capsules of 450 mg

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Sexual stimulant

For ages and in all civilisations, one of the main concerns for men after food has always been to be able to perform the sexual intercourse at its best level.

When getting older, under the combined effects of stress, pollution and tiredness, it becomes often more difficult for men to carry out their sexual projects satisfactorily and easily.

In the past, lots of “recipes” were recommended, from a substantial consumption of oysters to powder from dried Spanish flies, not forgetting rhinoceros horns, preferably white.

Relaying on its experience and its knowledge in plants, the Sunrex laboratory has created this product, which is an efficient and safe sexual stimulant.

Panax ginseng (red ginseng): an asiatic plant cultivated in the Far-East, the dry root being used. The active alkaloids are the ginsénosides, the multiple effects of which are tonic and aphrodisiac.
Eleutherocoque (root): siberian and asiatic plant richin eleutherosides, with the same action as ginsenosides. It makes the physical efforts easier, increases the resistance capacity and improves the recovery after effort.

Shisander: chinese and mongol plant used forages as a very efficient antifatigue and aphrodisiac.

Hot pepper: very rich in C vitamin and in antioxidants. It is traditionally used as a stimulant and a re-inforcer of erection.

Pot of 6 capsules of 450 mg

1 capsule, 25 minutes before sexual activity maximum 3 capsules per 48 hours

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