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A jar of 200 capsules dosed 370 mg

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Anti-dispeptic – Anti-inflammatory

The rhizome of that far east plant, once dried and turned into powder, has been used as a condiment (curry) for ages. It contains a very high percentage of curcuminoïds that are very active anti-oxidants. A long and varied bibliography puts forward beneficial actions on stomach ulcer, rheumatology and some cancers, particularly of the colon as well as the Alzheimer disease. However, as usual, prudence is appropriate in case of serious diseases. Prudence also in case of cholelithiasis.

The active ingredient contained in pepper is the piperidine which has the property of facilitating the bioavailability and the absorption power by the organism of some alimentary elements that go with it.

So, the curcumine can see its absorption rate multiplied by more than a thousand with the presence of pepper.

Presentation :
A jar of 200 capsules dosed 370 mg

Posology :
3 to 6 capsules a day

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