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Jar of 60 capsules measured at 355mg

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The coenzyme Q10 is known as Ubiquinon, it means “quinon present everywhere”

This is a substance very similar to vitamins because our body needs it in very small quantity but the life is not possible without it.

The Coenzyme Q 10 is a “transporter” of electrons existing in each cell of the body. It is necessary for living because it allows the functioning of the energy producers inside the cells.

It is normally synthetized in sufficiency by our cells, but while ageing or some diseases, its synthesis decreases leading to a decline of the vitality of the cell.

The coenzyme Q 10 is a powerful antioxidant which acts in particular by fighting against the bad cholesterol which provokes the atherosclerosis and favors myocardial infarction.

The decrease of The coenzyme Q 10 in the human body is related to the ageing, to the physical effort, to the stress, to smoking and alcohol consumption and in certain cases to the taking of anti-cholesterols drugs ( statins ).

We generally find The coenzyme Q 10 in food and in particular in fish and certain meats.

The regular taking of 2 to 4 capsules a day will protect you from a possible deficit.

Presentation : Jar of 60 capsules measured at 355mg

Advise of use : 2 to 4 capsules a day as long as necessary

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