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Nutritional supplement

Chondroitin sulphate is a glycosaminoglycan present in the connective tissue. Chondroitin sulphate is a component in the cartilage matrix. Its function in the cartilage is to maintain the osmotic pressure by absorbing water and helping to hydrate the cartilage.

It also contributes to the flexibility and elasticity of the bone. It also acts as a chondroprotective agent by protecting the cartilage from enzymatic reactions and from damage due to free radicals (including the nitrogen monoxide released by the chondrocytes).

The basic unit of chondroitin sulphate is glucuronic acid ß1-3 N-acetyl galactosamine 6 sulphate. Each unit is bound to the next by a ß1-4 bond.
Glucosamine (C6H14NON5) is an amino sugar, an important precursor in the glycosylation synthesis of proteins and fats.

D-glucosamine exists naturally in the form of glucosamine-6-phosphate and is the biochemical precursor of all amino sugars (Roseman et al, 2001). Specifically, glucosamine-6-phosphate is synthesized from fructose and glutamine (Ghosh et al, 1960) as a first step in the hexosamine biosynthetic pathway.

The end product of this pathway is uridine diphosphate N-acetyl glucosamine, which is then used to produce glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans and glycolipids. Oral glucosamine is used to treat osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine is a precursor of glycosaminoglycans, important components of cartilage. It is commonly known in the medical field today that dietary supplementation with glucosamine has a beneficial effect on joint pain and restriction, although the reason this effect cannot yet be clearly explained.

Presentation :
Jar of 120 capsules dosed at 425mg

Suggested use :
2 capsules by day for some month

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