Jar of 120 capsules of 325 mg

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Immune system stimulant – Heavy metal chelating agent

Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (chlorella): fresh water micro algae first used in Japan, then in Europe. Chlorella is a single-cell algae that, every 24 hours, divides into four daughter cells. This extremely fast division is managed by the C.G.F., for Chlorella Growth factor.
This CGF is considered to be a nutrient that promotes regeneration of our own cells, and numerous studies have shown that chlorella may have beneficial effects in various conditions such as gastric and duodenal ulcers, scars, cell regeneration, in chemotherapy for attenuating the reduction in erythrocytes and providing protection from respiratory illnesses, and so on. Chlorella is very rich in micronutrients (proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll), and before it became a dietary supplement, it was a common food for millions of Japanese.

Components of chlorella:

– Sporopollenin: owing to its fibrous membrane (sporopellenin), chlorella absorbs heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides and various chemical fertilizers, thus helping the body to detoxify itself.

– Chlorophyll: chlorella is very high in chlorophyll, which helps to oxygenate the tissue and cleans the intestinal flora.

– Minerals and B vitamins

– C.G.F. (Chlorella Growth Factor): located in the core, the CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) is a complex formed by vitamins, nucleotides (DNA, RNA) and amino acids that represents the genetic heritage of algae. It helps to increase the number of T lymphocytes and thus reinforces the immune defence system. It enhances strength and endurance in athletes. It has a strong probiotic effect balancing the intestinal flora: lactobacilli increase in the presence of CGF.

Chlorella is a “multi-use” plant. It binds to heavy metals and other toxins and eliminates them without damaging the liver. In Japan, chlorella has been used to treat people poisoned by cadmium, mercury and lead. Experiments in the United States have shown that it is effective against certain PCB-based (polychlorobiphenyl) insecticides.

It reduces constipation, normalizing transit even in paralysed patients. It restores the intestinal flora. It stimulates the immune defences and promotes acid-base equilibrium, calms the nervous system and promotes sleep. It contains a hormone that stimulates cell regeneration. It reduces blood pressure but does not lower normal blood pressure. It lowers “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and raises “good” cholesterol (HDL). And in general, it has a physically notifying and energising effect.

Jar of 120 capsules of 325 mg

Advise of use:
1 or 2 capsules in the morning during the breakfast

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