Ail des Ours


A jar of 60 capsules dosed 325 mg

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Allium Ursinum (bear garlic) : it is the wild garlic, perennial and fragrant liliacea frequent in the undergrowth. After hibernation, the bears are very fond of it before taking their normal life again. It has been known for ages for a lot of qualities: antiseptic, hypoglycemic, intestinal disinfecting, anthelmintic, carminative, antirheumatic.

It takes action on the blood stream through the essential oils it contains particularly through a sulfured compound : Alliine . It is hypotensive, liquefying for the blood, anti-uric acid and anti-gout, it has a positive action on the cholesterol regulation and then, helps in the fight against arteriosclerosis.

At last, it is well known to be an efficient heavy metals chelator. Its use can be continuous or intermittent .

Presentation :
A jar of 60 capsules dosed 325 mg

Directions for use :
2 capsules a day

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