Laboratoires SUNREX is a family company founded in 1993.

The company is advised in its development by a group of practitioners led by its doctor specialist in phytotherapy, dietetics and anti-aging, Dr. Jean-Claude HOUDRET, author of numerous books on these subjects, formerly teaching in several learned societies and At the Faculty of Medicine of Paris.

The name SUNREX is based on the assembly of the word English Sunet Latin Rexand it means the Sun King. This name was chosen because it is the sun that conditions life on earth and the growth of living beings, whether human, animal or plant.

It is under this brand SUNREX that we have developed a range of many food supplements, anti-aging products, dietetic products and natural cosmetics.


Those products are not medicines but combinations of plants, vitamins, mineral salts and oligo-elements which, if taken regularly, often by courses of treatment, help the body to keep a balance, “to be in good shape”, or to come back to that point if the vagary of life has created a loss of balance bringing troubles.

We only use traditional plants known for their efficient qualities and carefully selected, guaranteed without GMOs

Our fabrications follow the europeans criteria, and they are made “on request”, which allows to have always fresh products, at the top of their efficiency. Those products are very varied, from plant capsules to hyper-proteinated pastas, or cosmetics.

Our proteinated dietetic products are among the best in the market because their high level of pure proteins put them among the most successful for slimming.

We produce also a nutritional and cosmetic range of anti- ageing products, aiming to preserve and restore the youthfulness of the skin, of the cells, of the body and mind in general, thanks to the best antioxidant and anti-ageing plants and minerals.


The exceptional efficiency of our slimming course, The Methode Spoonlight® combining proteins, oligo-elements, extracts of plants and vitamins got a warm welcome in the international press.

In the book « Le Meilleur des Régimes »in French , « Die 3 Diät » in German, « La Dieta 3D » in Spanish, « the Karl Lagerfeld diet » in English, Dr Jean-Claude Houdret and his co-author Karl Lagerfeld give the “secrets” of this famous Methode Spoonlight®. This book has been sold in around 20 countries, including England, United States, China, Germany, Japan, Russia, Eastern Europe etc…already over 1 million copies .