In 2002, Karl Lagerfeld published in “The Best of Diets” (Ed Robert Lafont), the method by which he lost more than 40 kilos in one year with our products (without ever regaining the weight lost).

This method combines the limited use of hyper-protein and hypocaloric foods (Spoonlight) with the regular intake of vegetable supplements chosen according to the desired result.

The Nofat bio reducer plant of the assimilation of fats and sugars based on cactus is practically always present.

Like the Urodraine, detoxing based on Cherry Tail, Piloselle and Dandelion.

The Spooncut is intended to curb appetite, the Xhobaspoon is a Fat Burner and the Oligospoon can relaunch weight loss when it stagnates.

The Sunrex Slimming Pack contains one product for one month, three products composed of vegetable drainers :
Toxidraine for the morning, Exodraine for the noon and Sanguidraine for the evening.

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Nofat Bio


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Pot de 90 gélules dosées
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