Very often, chronic cutaneous and allergic manifestations are due to a malfunctioning of the system of purification of the organism, hence the necessity of the use of an epidative associated with other supplements, for example Total DEPURA.

For the beauty and health of nails and hair, we have developed the Capiselen complex with capsules of borage oil and capsules of yeast, pungent nettle, horsetail and selenium to be taken by cure of 3 months at less.

The best depurative for the skin is Depura 003 which contains fumetre, burdock, white job and wild thought.

Evening primrose oil capsule is traditionally beneficial for the prevention of wrinkles and certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.

In case of allergic skin, digestive or respiratory, one can in addition to a depurative, use the Milk of organic mare and / or Desmodium.

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