Immunostimulants are plants that stimulate the body’s natural defenses and enable it to defend itself against acute or chronic aggressions whether internal or external.

Chlorella is a micro alga that promotes the neutralization of heavy metals and stimulates immunity.

Organic Echinacea is a flower that strengthens resistance to infections, Immuforce is a mixture of Royal Jelly and Pollens that enhance immunity.

The combination of 3 Japanese mushrooms Shiithake, Maïtaké and Reishi is known to help immune deficiencies as well as fermented Papaya which also has an antioxidant action.

Rhodiola and Kudzu improve resistance to stress and immunity.

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that also influences the regulation of cholesterol.

The red yeast of rice is a substance, which contains in Sunrex 2% Monacoline K, which is a natural statin whose action is indisputable on the lowering of bad cholesterol (LDL).

Nodiab is a blood glucose regulator that addresses only pre-diabetic and type 2 fat diabetes with a diet. It contains in particular extracts of white bean and chrome.

PH-Sun regulates the acidity of the body.

The SunPapaya Q10 contains the best and most comprehensive anti-aging / antioxidant selection and slows down the effects of aging.

Each box contains 30 capsules of green tea extract + Coenzyme Q10 + Glutathione + Lycopene and 30 sachets of sprayed Papaya powder fermented with vitamin E and C.

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A jar of 120 capsules dosed 400 mg

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Ph Sun


A jar of 90 capsules of 405 mg

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A jar of 120 capsules dosed 325 mg

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A jar of 90 capsules of 325 mg