Lassitude, loss or weight gain, mild depression, muscle pain, intestines, loss of vitamins, etc. In this section, answers to all these questions are found.

Vision Preservation Against AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration): Sun-view is one of the most balanced complexes following the results of the American AREDS study against AMD.

Regulation of intestinal function: P.B.-Sun, probiotic Sunrex
– Anti fatigue and dietetics: Spirulina Hawaii 200
– Demineralization: S.O.S (Sunrex Organic Silica)
– Lack of Vitamin D: Vita Sun D3 (the vitamin that loves the sun)
– Complete Cocktail of Vitamins and Minerals: Vitaspoon

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Presentation :
Bottle of 250 ml

Directions for use :
1 to 2 soup spoons a day – long-term treatment